COVID-19 Information and Preventive Measures

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With the COVID-19 pandemic expected to last for a while, the focus is now on long term measures. From May 18, the university is at BCP level 3 with minor changes. That means:


- Some research activities (such as laboratory work) will be allowed under strict control and tightened administrative procedures.
- Instead of a uniform set of guidelines, each department will be asked to establish its own control system in line with the university's safety criteria.
- bwin国际 activities that do not require in-person or laboratory work shall continue to be done remotely from home.


- All classes will be conducted online, which students should access from home.
- The university is exploring safe ways to open classrooms for students who don't have adequate internet access at home to use campus Wi-Fi.
- Students should avoid part-time jobs that put them at risk of infection.
- Group meetings and social gatherings are strictly prohibited.
- All travel (domestic and overseas) is also still prohibited.

Administrative structure:

- The administrative structure will remain as indicated in the original BCP.
- For level 3, it means that staff who can, should work from home; and administrative duties will be handled by skeletal staff and those doing remote or flexible shiftwork. Meetings must be conducted via ICT.
- Business travel is allowed only if it is absolutely unavoidable and approved by department heads.
- Moving forward, the university will introduce a new electronic decision-making system that will eliminate the need for "hanko" seal stamps.

Handbook ( English/ Chinese /Other )

Latest bwin国际

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COVID-19 bwin国际 bwin国际

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What to do if you feel unwell

Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai City have set up a special hotline and issued a useful check-list for recent travelers to monitor their health. Tohoku University would like all students and staff to follow these instructions:

(1) Download the checklist here and monitor your condition.
(2) If you have flu-like symptoms, such as sore throat or a cough for several days, you should call the hotline at 0120-565653 / 022-211-3883.
(3) You will be directed to an appropriate clinic or hospital. Bring the check-list with you.
(4) Alert the university by submitting Google Form / send email to the appropriate address, describing your condition and what you've been instructed to do.

Instructions in English (For students/ For staff ) / Checklist

Instructions in Chinese (For students/ For staff ) / Checklist


Send your report to your department: *Email address and body will be set automatically by click.

Students: send via Google Form or Email

Staff: send via Google Form or Email

If you have been in close contact with an infected person

- Stay home (isolate if possible) and monitor your condition for at least 14 days.
- If you develop symptoms, please follow the procedure above and contact the call center.

"Close contact" refers to being in the same room or building with an infected person for 15 minutes or more; and/or using the same equipment (PCs, tables, sofas, refrigerator etc.) as someone who was infected at the time.

All students should remember to take extra measures against infectious diseases, such as covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze; washing your hands frequently and thoroughly; only going out for essential errands; and wearing a mask when you are out.

The university is currently at BCP Level 3, so please be aware of the restrictions that entail.

For Current Students and Staff:

?How to apply for the 100,000 yen one-off relief payment
Applying for the "Certificate of Eligibility (COE)"
?Part-time jobs
?Connect to online classes: ISTU, Google Meet, Google Classroom
(Minimum specifications required for laptops)
Library books and research materials can now be accessed through two services.
For students who are not allowed onto campus, there is a book delivery service.
For students and faculty who have special permission to do research activities
on campus, there is a pick-up service.

in Japanese

Mental Health Care

Please make a reservation by telephone (022-795-7833) or by e-mail. 

University events and facilities that are affected

With the safety of the community in mind, Tohoku University will be temporarily stopping some services and closing the following facilities.
Students, staff and members of the public are urged to check back frequently for updates.

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Extra Information in English:

The World Health Organisation has an excellent website with useful information about the coronavirus and what to do to stay safe.

NHK World bwin国际

The Ministry of Health
To learn more about the situation in Japan, go to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's English website.

The Ministry of Justice
- Extension of the period for acceptance of applications and extension of the application examination results
- Regarding the period of validity of the Certificate of Eligibility

The Japanese National Tourism Association (Twitter)

JNTO operates the Japan Visitor Hotline which offers foreign tourists 24 hour assistance in English, Chinese and Korean: 050-3816-2787.

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